Recent college graduate from SUNY Purchase who is trying to navigate the bumpy waters of adulthood, one job application at a time.

Earning a B.A in Journalism with a concentration in both Broadcast and Political Science, I’ve had the amazing experience of discovering my hatred for politics can become a solid career one day. No one really loves how dirty politics can be, but someone has to decode the glamor for what it really is. It’s the social issues that really heats my engine. Education, Women’s Rights, Environmental Issues, Rights for People of Color, Poverty, LGBT Rights, International Relations, are just some of the many causes I’m passionate about.

Besides politics and social policies, I love discussing topics all young people love: music, films, TV shows, books, and much more. If you can talk about the Foo Fighters or Arrested Development we probably can be great friends.

Take all my love for all the things I’ve mentioned above, I’m trying to find my footing in the world of all things media. I’m an writer, editor, photographer, video editor, a camera woman, a savvy social media user, a novice graphic designer, a decent anchor, and a full-time reporter.

Goals? Eventually I want to get more people involved, get contributors to write and create their own videos and content. We’re the generation of internet savvy and social media titans. As much as the internet is great for kittens and porn, we can use it to have solid discussions on a range of topics. So I hope to find it here at Fro’Mation.

I hope you guys dig what I’m doing and will join me on this journey.

There’s only so much I can say about myself here, so hopefully my blog will speak for itself.

Currently I’m interning with iLLA Films and Production Intern on their current documentary: Times Are illamtic and learning what it’s like to live at home with my parents in New York.

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