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I am black-ish
Nah I am black
Everything else is just liner notes.

I am a writer
Since age 10  I decided this
was my true passion in my life.

Shy girls must find their place

I wrote because I couldn’t speak
Afraid of my own voice
Ink against paper just seemed quite right.

So if I am black
and if I am a writer,
does that make me
a “black writer”?

I write about race,
My race writes
are the two always the same?

Throw in gender,
I become your token to say,
“Yes we care about diversity”
“Our black female writer
writes about race AND gender”

This little black girl started to write
Because it felt good.
It felt good not to feel invisible
Even if those words were just
written in notebooks no one opened up.

Race was discussed, but mere questions

To be black and to…

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Rose Water Magazine

Getting a voicemail from my mother explaining that she had found topless photos I took from nearly three years ago was the last thing I needed to hear. My mother is a devout Christian and fairly conservative black woman. She’s conservative in that she doesn’t oppose Planned Parenthood, but believes sex before marriage is a sin.

This is what Hester Prynne, from ‘The Scarlet Letter’, must have felt like when she was branded with a scarlet “A” on her chest.

My mother didn’t respond to my calls for a couple of days. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to say. This moment has reminded me of another horrifying one from my early 20s, when my mother found out I wasn’t a virgin anymore. It brought me back to the shame, the anxiety, and disappointment of embracing who I really am. But it happened and the question I ask myself is, ‘Now what?’


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