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Rose Water Magazine

Nose deep in twitter feeds, scribbling notes in terrible but understandable short hand, and trying to determine which stories are worth reporting. It’s 9:30am at a pitch meeting where news nerds chirp over the day’s biggest stories.

Sitting in on a pitch meeting is a thrilling experience for someone like myself: a news junkie and social media enthusiast. It’s my first time in a newsroom without intern or student attached to my name. My early experiences pitching stories for “The Purchase Brick” brought me into a world I so desperately wanted to fit into and it only took me four years.

Now I’m here, working for a major news outlet.

It has only been a couple of weeks and I’m starting to get a handle of how it all works. I am still trying to break out of my shell and meet my fellow writers.

For many, this dream is long…

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