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(Also watch on my Vimeo page: “Love” in the Digital Age: Part 1)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy New Year (two months later)! Time to do a drinking game with how many time I say, “You know” in this new video!

This is my first video of me, just talk or vlogging, without really preparing a script this year. I’m kinda just free-styling. Hence all the ‘You knows’. Hope that doesn’t get in the way of the message of the video! In the future, I’ll keep my points more concise.

Anyway, since my original idea for this video was way too long, I decided to break it up into three parts.

The first part is about Pornography in the Digital Age and it’s Impact in Pop Culture, particularly using the film Don Jon and how it brings the conversation about sex and porn to the mainstream. It was a refreshing take on the porn industry and how it affects young men in this generation. Porn has always been around in same fashion, but it’s more readily available now than ever before.

Now I’m not here to dismiss porn or shame people who either watch it or work in the industry, but we have to acknowledge that there are problems within the industry that impacts us all. However as an outsider, I don’t want to infringe.

I hope that comes across here today.

In the video I said I would drop some links, so here I go:

Landmark condom law for porn filming signed by L.A. mayor

Measure B Passes: Condoms In Porn In LA County Will Now Be Mandated On Set (UPDATE)

I also didn’t really talk much about sex worker’s and their rights, and how many marginalized women, trans women, queer identified women, women of color, as well as men have been abused in this industry. Their stories are just important. This isn’t just in the porn industry, but in multiple aspects of the sex work industry. Safety and respect is important. I’m in no means saying that all sex work is abuse or abusive, however. Sex workers are workers and deserve to be treated as such.

I have to say two years ago, I would of been shaming women and men who are sex workers, because I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go into the profession, especially with how many people are forced into sex work due to circumstance. It has been a learning experience and it has taken years to rewire the thinking I’ve had about sex, porn, and sex workers. Though I have a lot to still work on, I can stay I may not always understand, but I support sex workers and their right to live and work like anyone else.

Here are some links about different point-of-views about sex work:

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Why I Stopped Watching Porn: Ran Gavrieli at TEDxJaffa 2013 

Why abolishing pornography isn’t going to help sex workers

Sex workers’ rights are just workers’ rights

Cindy Gallop “Make Love, Not Porn” | TED | 2009 | Short | SD

My Experiences as a Young Trans Woman Engaged in Survival Sex

Porn Stars Can’t Leave the Industry, and Here’s Why

Sex Workers Project

Feel free to send me any more links! I’m always looking to be educated on the porn industry and sex work.